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ZYP Glass Release Thinner

ZYP Glass Release Thinner

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*This product does not contain Boron Nitride.

  • Enables diluted Brushable Boron Nitride Glass Release to stay in suspension and bond down well
  • Good in all atmospheres
  • Safe, easy-to-use, water-based
  • Near-neutral pH

Ideal uses:

  • Binder/Suspender for thinning Brushable Boron Nitride Glass Release. Use to thin Brushable Boron Release items.
  • Can also be used as Binder/Suspender for most any ceramic/refractory powder

ZYP's Glass Release Thinner utilizes the same water-based suspension binder liquids as used with the Brushable Glass Release. If you desire to dilute the Brushable Glass Release to achieve thinner dried coatings or for improved brushing, it is best to use ZYP Thinner rather than water; the Thinner will allow better bond-down to the substrate after thinning. The thinner is nonhazardous and has a long shelf life.


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