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Winter Landscape, designed by Mark Hufford

Winter Landscape, designed by Mark Hufford

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These FULL COLOR decals explode the possibilities in glass! Decal sheets are 8.5"x11"

Approximate decal sizes: 2.5” x 4”, 3.5” x 2.25”, and 3.25” diameter

These fit the oval precut ornament shape with and without a border and the round precut ornament shape.

Simply cut out the decal you want to use (as close to the image as you can get), then submerge in water.  After 1 minute, the decal will come lose from the paper, and you can slide it off the paper and onto your glass.  Place it where you want, and blot the water off with a paper towel.  Then use a soft rubber roller to squeeze out any excess water and blot away.  Finally, let the decal dry on the glass (we recommend 24 hours) and then fire!  Our recommended firing schedule is below:

50 per hour to 160, hold 1 hour

350 per hour to 800, no hold

400 per hour to 1275, hold 15 minutes (you can also adjust this temp to your kiln's full fuse temp if desired)

9999 to anneal, hold as needed for your project.

PLEASE NOTE: These decals show up best when fired on WHITE glass.  Using other colors may change the vibrancy of the image shown on the fired piece. 

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Mullins

Winter Landscape, designed by Mark Hufford

Deborah Shank
Winter Landscape Decal

The decal looks amazing on the white glass. You can not tell that it was a decal. You can not see any of the “extra” decal material that I left I. The crevices.

Suzanne Schroeder
Mark hufford decals

They are lovely. I have not fired them yet but should next week or so. Can’t wait