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Milkweed Arts

Powdered Frit Painting, with Mark Hufford

Powdered Frit Painting, with Mark Hufford

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Unlock your creative potential with our Powdered Frit Painting Tutorial, led by expert glass artist Mark. Discover various techniques for painting with powdered frit, and learn how to complete stunning artworks with just a single firing by following the right steps and careful project planning. This versatile method works seamlessly with Bullseye, Oceanside, Spectrum96, and Uroborus glass.

Whether you're an experienced artist who enjoys a freehand style or a beginner looking for guidance, this tutorial has you covered. Mark introduces a simple preparatory step to simplify the process for those less confident in their drawing or painting skills.

This comprehensive tutorial includes:

- Detailed handouts: A 31-page guide featuring a practice project (the birch tree landscape) demonstrated in the video.
- Versatile techniques: Explore methods that go beyond powders, achieving different effects by varying frit coarseness to match your desired results.
- Ongoing support: Gain access to a private Facebook support group for members, where you can ask questions, receive suggestions, and troubleshoot with fellow students. Stay updated with future tutorial information through live events, PDF handouts, video posts, and occasional LIVE ZOOM meetings for Q&A sessions and demos.

With endless possibilities to expand and incorporate these techniques into your glasswork, this tutorial is a must-have for any glass artist looking to elevate their craft. Join us and transform your artistic journey today!


As a self-taught artist with a multi-media background, I find my inspiration in nature and wildlife that provides me a sense of calm, contentment and amazement of what is often taken for granted in this fast paced, technology-driven world in which we live, and reminds me how quickly things change with the seasons, lifespan and our environment.

My work is representational and connects me to the planet in a spiritual sense of belonging and purpose. I tend to work on subject matter that is relatable, that may evoke feelings of familiarity, heighten ones' awareness, or link to a fond memory of a time or place.

In my travels, I frequently photograph interesting plant life, rocks and landscape views to use as reference in my designs and art. My design process is very organic, and often reflect recurring patterns seen in nature. Whether used in my fused glass enamel paintings, graphite drawings, watercolors, pastels, or scratchboard art, these reference images trigger the exhilaration of being in that place at a specific time, which in turn recalls my inspiration and vision for a new work of art and the cause for me to have stopped and taken the photograph.

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