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Paint Brushes - set of 3 texture brushes

Paint Brushes - set of 3 texture brushes

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In addition to the Kafka brushes found on our website, Paul Messink uses and recommends three additional brushes which are useful in many ways:

  • An angled shader that allows a quicker application of enamel - for example, when filling in a solid area, or painting sky or water.  The angled tip provides better control than a round or flat brush for edges and corners.  It can also be used for painting clumps of grass or bushes.
  • A #2 fan brush will be modified during the workshop, for use to paint small leaves, long grass, pebbles, or other texture effects.
  • A size 10/0 liner will also be modified to become a tool for painting ultra-thin and clear lines (branch tips for example).  An invaluable brush in many situations.
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