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Milkweed Arts

Making Realistic Feathers using Modeling Glass, with Lois Manno

Making Realistic Feathers using Modeling Glass, with Lois Manno

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Dive into the mesmerizing world of glass artistry with Lois Manno, the founder of Glass Bird Studios and the genius behind the revolutionary product, Modeling Glass. In this comprehensive video tutorial, Lois unveils the secrets behind crafting lifelike glass feathers that capture the ethereal beauty of nature.

Starting with the basics, Lois will guide you through the precise mixing techniques of Modeling Glass, ensuring you achieve the perfect consistency every time. Drawing from her rich experience and passion for nature-inspired art, she will then lead you step-by-step in sculpting a feather that boasts intricate details and a realistic texture.

Whether you're a seasoned glass artist or a curious beginner, Lois's unique approach, stemming from decades of working in both two-dimensional and kiln-formed glass, promises to enrich your skill set. By the end of this tutorial, you'll not only have a stunning glass feather to showcase but also a deeper appreciation for the art and science of glass-making.

Join us on this artistic journey and discover the magic of Modeling Glass with Lois Manno. Transform powdered glass into tangible beauty and let your creativity soar!

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Customer Reviews

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Marla Limousin
Realistic Feathers by Lois Manno

The technique is brilliant and the possibilities with this glass clay substance is unlimited. The presentation in the video is clear, concise, detailed and presented at a great pace. Lois is a wonderful teacher. The PDF support documents are really detailed and a great thing to have by your work space looking forward to other online course with Lois.

Nancy Gold
Very nice video class!

I really enjoyed the realistic feather class with Lois Manno! Super fun. Super cool! I can’t wait to get to work! I have so many new ideas for the modeling glass too! Thank you Lois and Milkweed Arts!