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6 Inch – Spring Loaded 1/2″ Wide Jaws

Comfortable Vinyl-dipped handles

These are dual purpose pliers with a flat jaw & a curved jaw.

Both jaws are serrated for removing flares & tine points of glass.

*** Instructions for Breaking Scores (cuts)***

Hold the glass firmly near the score line with the pliers, flat jaw up or on top of the glass.

Use your other hand to the other half of the glass close to the score line, opposite the pliers.

Use a downward, rotating motion to separate the glass along the score.

*** Instructions for Grozing ***

Hold the pliers with the curved side up, or on top of the glass.

Use a rolling motion to gently scrape the glass edge against the serrated teeth.

Use the tips of the pliers in a chewing motion to remove small sections of glass or nibble out deep inside curves.

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