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11/01-04 Landscapes in Glass, with Fred Buxton

11/01-04 Landscapes in Glass, with Fred Buxton

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November 1-4, 2024, 10a-5p daily.

Fred Buxton, Guest Instructor.

Delve into the art of glass landscape creation in this four-day workshop, where students embark on a journey to craft a multi-layer fused glass landscape. This workshop is not just about creating glass art; it's about painting with light and color to bring depth and life to your glass landscapes.

Designing Your Glass Canvas:

The course begins with an exploration of the overall design process. Students will learn the intricacies of planning and layout, crucial first steps in visualizing their landscape. This includes understanding how different elements of a landscape, such as skies, mountains, and trees, can be effectively represented in glass.

A Palette of Glass:

Color selection is vital in glass art, and this workshop places a strong emphasis on choosing the right hues to bring your landscape to life. You'll discover how to use color to create mood, depth, and dimension, turning a panel of glass into a vivid landscape.

Constructing Your Vision:

The construction phase of the workshop focuses on bringing your design to life. You'll learn various techniques to manipulate frit - the granulated glass - including sifting, spooning, using a palette knife, and sgraffito, a method of scratching into the surface to create texture and detail.

Layering and Firing:

Over the course of the workshop, you'll create separate components and layers for your landscape. Each layer adds depth and complexity to your piece. The firing schedules and techniques will be thoroughly covered, ensuring that each layer fuses correctly and contributes to the overall aesthetic of the panel.

The Final Masterpiece:

By the end of the workshop, you will integrate these individual elements into a final fused glass landscape panel. This panel will not only showcase your newly acquired skills but also reflect your unique artistic vision.


Fred Buxton had long dabbled in painting and drawing without considering himself a true artist. However, upon retiring from a career in the Federal Government in 2011, Fred embarked on a quest to nurture his creative side. This exploration through various mediums eventually led him to discover his passion for kiln-formed glass in 2014, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his life as an artist.

Primarily self-taught yet enriched by learning from some of the finest in the art glass community, including Michael Dupille, Linda Humphrey, Paul Messink, Donna Sarafis, and Ann Cavanaugh, Fred has honed his skills in glass fusing. His work, especially his specialization in landscapes, is heavily inspired by the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, his home and muse.

In 2016, Fred established Raining Sunshine Studio, marking a significant milestone in his artistic journey. Further expanding his horizons, he joined forces with Loraine Wolff at Waterfront Glass in Keyport, Washington, in 2019. Here, Fred not only creates his art but also imparts his knowledge and skills through teaching.

Fred Buxton is profoundly grateful to the art glass community, whose members have generously shared their knowledge, skills, and experiences with him. Embodying the same spirit of generosity, Fred is committed to sharing his learnings and experiences with others, continuing the tradition of community and growth in the world of glass art.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent class, we'll worth the cost

I took Fred's class at his studio in 2022. Fred is an excellent teacher who is generous with his knowledge and time. He has been gracious with advice and suggestions when I have emailed questions after the course was over. The photo was my project from the class.

The best!

Took a class like this from Fred and it was outstanding! He's a fabulous instructor and shares all his "secrets". Loved my finished piece.

Rosemarine Studer
Working to produce 3 dimensional art in glass

I'm anxious to know how to layer glass to produce the depth that this class will teach me.

Nancy Jo Braden
Guest instructors that are famous!

it is really great to have the opportunity to learn from world-class glass instructors right in my hometown!


I’m looking forward to it!