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Milkweed Arts

Custom Decal Sheet

Custom Decal Sheet

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In addition to our growing selection of color decal sheets, we now offer custom printed decal sheets for firing into and onto glass.  There is no minimum, you can order 1 or 1,000!  We STRONGLY RECOMMEND ordering and using one of our color decal sheets prior to placing a custom order, so you know how the color will work and what to expect.

Each sheet is 8.5"x11" in size, and can contain images, photos, drawings, etc. You can print one item on your decal sheet or 100 tiny items, it is complety up to you!

Here are the important things to know for file setup:

The image we print will be the image you provide us.  You will upload your image to this page prior to going to the checkout page.  All images must be compiled into one file as noted below:

  1. The file format should be .tif, .ai, .pdf, or .psd.  We recommend using a software program such as Photoshop to prepare your image.  We do not accept word documents, or any of the following file types:  .png, .jpg, .gif, etc.
  2. Set up your page in Photosho that is 8" wide and 10.5" tall (or 10.5" wide and 8" tall).
  3. Set your DPI to 300 or higher.
  4. Color mode should be set as RGB, and not CMYK.
  5. Place as many images as you would like to fit inside this area. Use as much of the space as you would like. Unused space is wasted space!
  6. If you are including text of any kind, DO NOT flip your text.
  7. Before saving your file, flatten or merge the page to just one layer. Maximum file size is 500MB.
  8. It is important to note that any area that is white in your image will be clear on the decal. White areas will show the glass color place the decal on, which is why we always recommend firing onto white glass.
  9. Save your file with your LAST NAME so we can keep track of your order please!
  10. Upload your file using the upload file link on this page, and then click the quantity you are ordering and add to cart!


If you are computer challenged, and cannot create the files, we can set up the files for you. The cost for us to do the file set-up for you is $40 per page. Contact us if you require this option.

WHAT WE WON'T PRINT:  We do not censor artists, so you may send any type of material you wish to have printed. We will not print any copyrighted imagery, sports logos, team logos, etc.  Printing these types of items would violate copyright and trademark laws.


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