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Milkweed Arts

Crosshatch Stand

Crosshatch Stand

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Heavy in weight (around 2 pounds each!), these low-profile stands do an amazing job of letting your artwork be the focus!

Available in 8" width, 10" width, and 12" width, with a 3/8" opening to hold your work.  These are all handmade, so minor variations may occur.  You're gong to LOVE these stands!

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Customer Reviews

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Pam M.
Love the Crosshatch Stand

Low-profile design creates an unobtrusive stand. The stand is sturdy and wide enough to display double thickness glass art too.

Deborah Baker

Crosshatch Stand

Mary Hoffman
Extra Gift

I have recently been giving my stand straight up enameled glass pieces to friends but also realized it is not easy to find a stand to that accommodates these pieces that really need a stand up straight look. Some other stands are quite expensive and can detract from the glass work itself. These crosshatch stands are very substantial, handle a substantial piece of glass, and do not detract from the glass work. My go to gift to accompany glass works.

Brooke Perin
Gryphon Zephyr Ring Saw

This is my second Zephyr and I’m super happy with it. The first one is still working, but it’s on long term loan to a friend in a different state. We moved from the Midwest to Arizona and I was desperate to get another one. So Saw #2 was an early birthday gift to myself. 🤣🤫 Highly recommend this saw for really intricate cuts or the glass you’re working with is in short supply and you have one chance to get it right (and can’t afford an errant break!). Being able to cut in a 360 degree direction is amazing.

Carol Prentice
Great products

It was the best display stand for my glass work.