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Creating Dimension Course 2: Complete Multi-Layer Panel Process, with Paul Messink

Creating Dimension Course 2: Complete Multi-Layer Panel Process, with Paul Messink

In addition to our own video program, we have partnered with Paul Messink to bring his Creating Dimension series to you!  Course details are below. Want to purchase?  CLICK HERE to sign up directly with Paul Messink!

The Complete Multi-Layer Panel Process is the second course in the 4-course Creating Dimension video series. In Course 2 you begin learning how to create beautiful, multi-layered glass panels. Paul teaches you every aspect of the process to create thick panels - how to begin dividing images into layers, managing the painting process on multiple layers, stacking the layers in the kiln, damming them properly to avoid problems, and full details on firing schedules for thick work. You'll also learn how to minimize or even eliminate cold work in thick panels.  

Three complete painting demos show you how to deconstruct simple images and paint the individual layers (this information continues in more depth in Course 3). Plus in a time lapse video, Paul paints one of his 9 layer production prices from start to finish.

Course 2 includes downloadable PDFs of each project, so you can complete these on your own. The course content is extensive - with 7 1/2 hours of video content and over 70 pages of handouts, including complete firing schedules for various thicknesses. 

What is Included in This Course?

Course 2 contains a total of 7 hours of video content, fairly evenly divided between instruction and demos. To make this much video easy to watch, the course is divided into 13 chapters, so you can watch exactly what you need, at the time you need it. The videos never expire, so you can watch them over and over. Here is how the course is organized:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Course 2
  • Chapter 2 - Background and Context
  • Chapter 3 - Layered Image Examples - Deconstructed
  • Chapter 4 - The Multi-Layered Process - Part 1
  • Chapter 5 - Matisse Demo 1
  • Chapter 6 - Matisse Demo 2
  • Chapter 7 - Tips for Your Matisse Exercise
  • Chapter 8 - Dams
  • Chapter 9 - The Multi-Layered Process - Part 2
  • Chapter 10 - Firing Schedules
  • Chapter 11 - Multi-Layered Mountain Scene Demo
  • Chapter 12 - Time Lapse Video - A Complete Production Piece
  • Chapter 13 - Course 2 Wrap-up

Each of the demos have been recorded with multiple camera angles, so you can watch them from an overhead view as well as a side view. (With these close-up camera views, you’ll be closer to the action than you can get in a live course!)

Course 2 also comes with an extensive set of handouts, including over 70 pages of information that give you all the most important information in written form. Two separate handouts summarize all of the firing schedules, and the materials lists for each project and demo.

This course gives you all the knowledge you need to begin making multi-layered panels. With this course, you'll understand all of the process and assembly parts, plus how to avoid the common pitfalls that could otherwise ruin your projects. A detailed discussion of firing schedules cover 6, 9, and 12 layer projects.

Note: With the understanding you receive of how to paint, stack, dam, and fire thick panels, you'll be prepared for Course 3, which focuses on the artistry of these panels, including additional information on image selection, more detail on dividing images into layers, and a wide variety of painting techniques to help you create stunning panels of your own.

Complete materials lists are provided. 

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