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Beautiful Butterflies, with Craig Mitchell Smith

Beautiful Butterflies, with Craig Mitchell Smith

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Prepare to be captivated by Craig Mitchell Smith's latest breathtaking tutorial - "Beautiful Butterflies" - an enchanting process to create glass butterflies that exude elegance and wonder. With a portfolio including appearances at Disney's Epcot Center and numerous public garden exhibitions, Craig's exquisite creations are nothing short of exquisite.

In this exhilarating 2+ hour video tutorial, you'll have the unique opportunity to learn from one of the most talented artists in the country as he shares his secrets on creating custom, repeatable patterns to capture every intricate detail of butterfly wings. You'll get exclusive insights into crafting reusable draping molds that can be fashioned into endless configurations for showcasing these stunning masterpieces in your home, garden or office.

But it doesn't stop there - you'll be amazed as Craig reveals his tips for presenting your butterflies beautifully using a variety of techniques that enhance their charm and allure. With three distinct designs being presented, you will truly have the freedom to create your own breathtaking works of art.

Join us on this thrill-seeking journey and discover how creativity and glass come together to produce something truly magical!


As a self-taught artist, my curiosity and creativity have taken me in many directions over the years. I am a painter; I have done interior and garden design throughout the U.S., set design for local theaters and floral design. I have also designed weddings throughout the U.S. and in England. In late 2005, I found glass. I started with making glass jewelry, but soon felt limited by the size and dimension. I moved quickly to glass sculpture because I liked the freedom of expression and scale. For me, the transparency of glass is a metaphor for memory. Even though the glass sculpture or design stays the same, if you move around the piece, or change the direction of the light or its intensity, you can change the memory. My designs often include the interplay of glass, light and water and range from garden sculptures to sculptural drawings, to portraits in glass, to wall hangings. 

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