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Milkweed Arts

A Panoramic View of UGC Layering Mix, with Mark Hufford

A Panoramic View of UGC Layering Mix, with Mark Hufford

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Dive into the enthralling world of fused glass painting with this online video tutorial, meticulously adapted from Video 6 of "The Art of Fused Glass Painting Series." In this guide, Mark S. Hufford unveils a spectrum of methods, employing the Unique Glass Colors (UGC) Layering Mix in his signature fused glass painting projects.

Explore Techniques and Tools:

  • Painting Foundations: Learn the art and science of painting on Layering Mix and Enamel foundations.
  • Stamping and Stenciling: Discover the use of rubber stamps and stencils to create intricate designs.
  • Glazing Methods: Uncover the secrets behind various painting projects and glazing techniques.

In addition to mastering the use of enamel and layering mix, delve into utilizing other product options to finesse and achieve detailed, realistic effects.

The tutorial comes with a detailed 35-page PDF handout, encompassing three distinct projects, each employing varied techniques:

  1. Faux Stoneware Bowls: Craft authentic-looking stoneware bowls with a unique twist.
  2. Oak Leaf Panel: Create a nature-inspired panel with detailed oak leaf designs.
  3. Iris Dish: Design a stunning iris dish, blending colors and techniques seamlessly.

Each project is accompanied by:

  • Firing schedules
  • Materials and supplies list
  • Product options
  • Additional resources

Embark on a journey through the multifaceted realm of fused glass painting, where each technique and project brings you closer to mastering the art.


As a self-taught artist with a multi-media background, I find my inspiration in nature and wildlife that provides me a sense of calm, contentment and amazement of what is often taken for granted in this fast paced, technology-driven world in which we live, and reminds me how quickly things change with the seasons, lifespan and our environment.

My work is representational and connects me to the planet in a spiritual sense of belonging and purpose. I tend to work on subject matter that is relatable, that may evoke feelings of familiarity, heighten ones' awareness, or link to a fond memory of a time or place.

In my travels, I frequently photograph interesting plant life, rocks and landscape views to use as reference in my designs and art. My design process is very organic, and often reflect recurring patterns seen in nature. Whether used in my fused glass enamel paintings, graphite drawings, watercolors, pastels, or scratchboard art, these reference images trigger the exhilaration of being in that place at a specific time, which in turn recalls my inspiration and vision for a new work of art and the cause for me to have stopped and taken the photograph.

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