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57R002 Reusche Tracing Black Best - 1oz

57R002 Reusche Tracing Black Best - 1oz

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Tracing Black Best - 1 oz

Reusche Paints are the enamel of choice for serious glass artists. Quite plainly the best enamals on the market. Unlike pre-mixed enamels, you control the viscosity and medium that is used -- fully mixable to create an infinite range of colors for your art. The powdered enamels can be mixed with Gum Arabic and water or one of the many mediums avaiable.

Lower firing ranges on some of the colors allow you to apply the color after a texture fuse and refire without losing the texture.

NOTE: Since these are 'true' colors, many of the colors develop upon firing. We suggest that you mix a small sample and fire it on clear glass so that you can see what the fired color will be.

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