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2025: 05/02-05/05 Murrini Fundamentals: Exploring Patterns in Glass, with Dale Keating

2025: 05/02-05/05 Murrini Fundamentals: Exploring Patterns in Glass, with Dale Keating

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May 2-5, 2025.  9am-5pm daily.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Dive into the mesmerizing world of murrini with our "Murrini Fundamentals" workshop, meticulously crafted by the esteemed glass artist Dale Keating. Over two immersive days, you'll uncover the secrets and techniques behind building intricate murrini patterns, a fundamental skill in the art of kiln-formed glass.

Discovering the World of Murrini Patterns:

Our journey in this class revolves around exploring eight distinctive murrini patterns, each representing a vital concept in this art form. You'll not only observe these patterns but actively engage in creating them. Dale Keating will provide you with the insight and guidance needed to understand and execute these designs effectively.

Hands-On Experience with Vitrigraph Kiln:

Murrini making is not just about theory; it's a hands-on experience. You will learn the art of stacking techniques crucial for murrini pattern building. Then, take part in the exhilarating process of pulling cane using a vitrigraph kiln. This experience is pivotal in understanding the transformation of your designs into tangible glass art.

Collaboration and Sharing Knowledge:

In the spirit of collaborative learning, you'll work in pairs. Each team will have the opportunity to build and pull two unique murrini designs. This approach ensures that you gain comprehensive experience in both designing and executing murrini patterns.

An Inclusive Learning Environment:

After pulling all the murrini pots, we'll distribute the pieces among the class. This way, each participant leaves with a sample of every design created during the workshop, enriching their personal collection and providing a source of inspiration for future projects.

Resources and Requirements:

To support your learning journey, you'll receive detailed written instructions for each design. We'll also demonstrate the loading of each design in class, ensuring you grasp every step of the process. This workshop is designed for individuals with some experience in cutting glass, as it requires a certain level of skill and precision.

Class Size and Structure:

With a maximum of 8 students, or 2 students per vitrigraph kiln, we ensure a focused and personalized learning environment. This structure allows Dale Keating to provide individual attention to each participant, enhancing the learning experience.

Join us for this two-day class and immerse yourself in the art of murrini. It's not just a class; it's an opportunity to expand your artistic horizons and connect with fellow glass art enthusiasts! 

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