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Milkweed Arts

12/20 Fused "Sugar" Glass

12/20 Fused "Sugar" Glass

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12/20, 6pm-9pm

Skill Level: Open to All Levels

Step into the world of glass fusion with a sweet twist in our 'Fused Sugar Glass' workshop. This class is designed for those who are intrigued by the delicate art of pâte de verre but are looking for a simpler, less demanding alternative. Sugar Glass, with its unique process and captivating results, offers just that.

In this workshop, you'll discover how to use the Sugar Glass technique to achieve effects similar to traditional pâte de verre but with fewer steps and less complexity. While acknowledging some limitations of this method, you'll be amazed at the range of possibilities and the beautiful outcomes it can produce.

We've structured this class to give you the freedom to choose your materials, sold separately, ensuring you can tailor your project to your artistic vision. Throughout the session, our experienced instructors will guide you in mastering this technique, making it accessible and enjoyable.

By the end of the workshop, not only will you have learned a new, less intimidating approach to glass fusion, but you will also take home a stunning Sugar Glass piece crafted by your own hands. This workshop is perfect for expanding your glass working repertoire and adding a unique flair to your creations.

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