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Milkweed Arts

12/18 Pinpoint Precision Bowls

12/18 Pinpoint Precision Bowls

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12/18, 6pm-9pm.

Skill Level: Open to All Levels

Dive into the world of color, precision, and creativity with our Pinpoint Precision Bowls workshop! This class is a blend of artistry and technique, guiding you through the delicate dance of applying vibrant glass enamels to craft intricate designs and spellbinding patterns on pristine sheet glass.

Whether you're inspired by the delicate strokes of traditional mandalas, the whimsy of abstract art, or anything in between, this is your canvas! And fret not, whether you're an enamel enthusiast or a complete newbie, our expert guides are on hand to steer you through every brushstroke, ensuring your design is both beautiful and bowl-ready.

Once your masterpieces are adorned with your unique touch of color and creativity, we’ll introduce them to the warmth of our kiln. Here, they'll be fired and then gently slumped, transforming from flat sheets into gracefully curved bowls that carry your intricate designs.

Three hours, endless possibilities, and a personalized bowl! This workshop promises not just a lesson in glass crafting, but an experience that will bowl you over with its blend of technique and artistry. So, roll up those sleeves, pick up those brushes, and let's bring those designs to life—one pinpoint of precision at a time! 🖌️🎨🔥🍵

All materials included.

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