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Milkweed Arts

09/11-09/12 Between a Rock and a Fused Place: River Rock Reactions

09/11-09/12 Between a Rock and a Fused Place: River Rock Reactions

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September 11 and 12, 2pm-5pm daily

Skill Level: Open to All Levels

Ever dreamt of melding the calming textures of river rocks with the radiant allure of glass? Let's turn that dream into a glowing reality! Welcome to "Between a Rock and a Fused Place: River Rock Reactions", where the ripples of creativity meet the shore of craftsmanship in a splashing two-part adventure.

In our first session, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of glass reactions. Discover the enchanting chemistry that lets us mimic the tranquil and tactile surface of river rocks on smooth glass. Beginners, don’t fret! The waters here are gentle, and our expert guides will ensure you flow smoothly through every technique and trick.

Now, with our river rock reactions mastered, our second session will cascade into crafting mode. You'll cut, shape, and assemble a plate, drawing from the mesmerizing textures you’ve created. Imagine a plate that doesn't just sparkle but tells the tales of ancient rivers and the timeless stones that grace their beds.

So, whether you’re an art enthusiast looking to rock the boat with a new skill, or someone seeking a serene escape into the artful embrace of nature, this class promises ripples of joy, inspiration, and sheer beauty. Dive in and let's rock those reactions together! 🌊🔮🎨✨

Materials sold separately.

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