How To Use Full Color Decals

  1. We recommend firing our decals on white glass, for best color transfer. The decals will attach to any color of glass, but they do not show with as much strength of color, and any white areas of the image will be the color of the glass you select instead of white.
  2. Clean area where decal will be placed with alcohol and let glass dry.
  3. The decal sheet may have a protective paper layer when shipped. Peel away this layer to reveal your decal images on the other page.
  4. Cut out the decal being used, getting as close to the image as possible.
  5. Submerge the image in water for 1 minute. The decal will begin to remove itself from the paper.
  6. Slide the decal off the paper and onto your glass. Place the decal into position on the glass.
  7. Using a paper towel or other material, blot the water from the area.
  8. With firm pressure, roll across the decal with a soft rubber brayer. This will remove any remaining water from under the decal.
  9. Blot away any water exposed by the brayer.
  10. Let decal dry for 24 hours.
  11. Fire decal:
  • 9999 to the anneal temp for your glass and the anneal time needed for your project
  • We have had great success taking projects to a full fuse after this initial firing as well