5/3-5 Relief Glass Casting with Sean Hennessey

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Relief Glass Casting

Sean Hennessey, Master Instructor.

Fri-Sun, 5/3-5, 2019.  9am-4pm daily.

In this class you will encounter an easy, versatile and economical way to create bas relief and deep relief kiln formed window glass. Using found objects and fabricated forms, you will press the originals into plaster powder, creating backgrounds and foregrounds, and slumping sheet glass into the molds. For beginners or experienced glass sculptors, this incredible, virtually waste-free casting technique has endless fine art, public art and architectural applications. Open to all skill levels.

Sean Hennessey is a mixed media artist primarily working in glass and living in Baltimore Maryland. His interest in art has grown from his interest in history, science, archaeology, and myth. Raised by his grandparents, part of the Greatest Generation, Sean was brought up with a love of old stories by his bibliophile grandmother and raised to work with his hands by his Sheet Metal Worker grandfather. He studied sculpture at Berea College and began his professional career by building and painting sets for the Barter Theatre. All the while, exhibiting art ranging from fiberglass pieces to paintings to concrete castings, Sean ultimately came to glass by finding the Washington Glass School in Washington, DC. He has been making and exhibiting glass for the past 15 years. His work is in the collections of Amazon Web Services, The City of the District of Columbia, Prince George's County, and The US Arts in Embassies Program. He has created public works for the Aquilino Cancer Center, The Martha Jefferson Hospital, The Howard Theatre, and The Library of Congress. He is the founder and director of Otis Street Arts Project, an arts incubator, studio center, and gallery just outside Washington, DC.