Milkweed Arts is currently requiring masks of ALL patrons, regardless of vaccination status.

For our International customers: We are happy to ship internationally, but our website isn't so happy about it. Please send us an email using the CONTACT button, and we would be happy to help you personally.

Project Log

Welcome to the Milkweed Arts Fused Glass Firing Log! When you click on the link below, a new window/tab will open.  It will ask for the following information:


• Your email (so we can send you the completed form)
• The date of your project
• The name of your project
• Who made the project
• The type of project
• The number of layers
• Any resist used
• Any mold used
• COE of glass used
• Project size
• Colors used
• Before and after photos
• A project description
• Your first and second firing schedule
• Any conclusions or observations you wish to document


Not all of this information is required to complete the form.  Once you submit the form, you'll receive an email with a PDF of all your data that you can save, print, etc! Enjoy!