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The Morning Glory, with Craig Mitchell Smith

The Morning Glory, with Craig Mitchell Smith

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Join renowned glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith on a new captivating journey in his latest tutorial, "Glass Morning Glories". Dive into the delicate world of crafting stunning glass morning glory blossoms, a symbol of renewal and the beauty of a new day. Known for his appearances at Disney's Epcot Center and celebrated exhibitions, Craig brings his extraordinary talent and innovative techniques to this inspiring 2-hour video tutorial.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn from one of the most creative minds in glass art as Craig demonstrates his unique approach to replicating the ethereal beauty of morning glory flowers in glass. This tutorial covers everything from selecting the perfect glass shades to mimic the natural gradients of the flower, to cutting and shaping techniques that bring out the lifelike delicacy of each petal.

Craig's expertise in light interplay is showcased as he teaches you how to utilize light to bring your glass morning glories to life, creating a mesmerizing effect that changes with your perspective and the surrounding light. You'll also discover innovative methods to assemble and present your creations in various settings, from elegant interior displays to serene garden installations.

This tutorial isn't just about crafting glass art; it's about embracing the artistry in nature and translating it into a timeless medium. Whether displayed as a standalone piece or integrated into larger installations, your glass morning glories are sure to be a breathtaking addition to any space.

Ideal for artists of all levels, from beginners curious about glass art to seasoned professionals seeking new inspiration. The tutorial includes downloadable and printable PDF materials for ease of reference.

Note: For the best experience, access the content on a print-capable PC or laptop.


As a self-taught artist, my curiosity and creativity have taken me in many directions over the years. I am a painter; I have done interior and garden design throughout the U.S., set design for local theaters and floral design. I have also designed weddings throughout the U.S. and in England. In late 2005, I found glass. I started with making glass jewelry, but soon felt limited by the size and dimension. I moved quickly to glass sculpture because I liked the freedom of expression and scale. For me, the transparency of glass is a metaphor for memory. Even though the glass sculpture or design stays the same, if you move around the piece, or change the direction of the light or its intensity, you can change the memory. My designs often include the interplay of glass, light and water and range from garden sculptures to sculptural drawings, to portraits in glass, to wall hangings.


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