Stained Glass Supplies

  • Kwik Clean


    Kwik-Clean flux remover doesn't need mixing or diluting. Just spray on Kwik-Clean when you're done soldering, then use paper towel to clean project thoroughly. ALSO USE WITH PATINA: use either the same paper towel or a clean one to apply the patina...

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  • Novacan


    Novacan Black Patina is the gold standard in patina brands. Easy to apply Novacan Black Patina imparts a deep, rich black finish to both lead and solder. When cleaned and properly polished, the black comes up to a dark, traditional look. The finish can...

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  • Milkweed Arts


    Soldering iron stands are a must-have for anyone who solders regularly. The Studio Pro Soldering Iron stand is well-balanced for stability. The heavy steel coiled wire cage prevents the hot soldering iron from touching the work surface and protects hands...

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