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Mold Making

  • Alja-Safe (1.5lbs)

    Alja-Safe (1.5lbs)

    Alja-Safe™ is the world’s first alginate that does not contain crystalline silica (a known carcinogen). Alja-Safe™ is perfect for making single-use molds of the face, hands and other body parts. It captures detail better than other...
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    HYDROPERM gypsum plaster is a specially formulated product incorporating an air entraining agent to provide permeability. For producing permeable plaster molds for precision casting.
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  • R&R Glass-Cast 101 Bandust

    R&R Glass-Cast 101 Bandust

    An economical, all-purpose mold material for kiln casting/slumping of glass Very fine particles, providing the smoothest of surfaces Sufficient strength for most glass castings of small and medium size The investment of choice for open-face...
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