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LEVEL 2 FREESTYLE: Kiln-formed Glass - Next Level 2023

LEVEL 2 FREESTYLE: Kiln-formed Glass - Next Level 2023

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PREREQUISITE: Level 1 or Instructor Approval

Building on the basic (and advanced) principles you already know about glass fusing, this program will allow you to take the following 6 classes, all while saving over 50% off the cost of these individual classes!

Our Level 2 FREESTYLE program includes these 9 projects over 6 classes:

  • Fused Glass Weaving, where you will learn how to create a sophisticated looking woven glass piece. You'll see a variety of examples for inspiration, and discussions about color choices will take place.
  • Fused Glass Coral Bowl and Strip Bowl, where you will learn to create TWO different types of bowl shapes with more complex design elements and planning.
  • Fused Glass Freeze & Fuse and Glass Puddles, where you learn to create two different types of glass elements, which can be used as finished projects or can be used as elements in future project designs.
  • Fused Glass Part Sheets and Glass Frittage, where you learn to create customized sheets of glass in two different methodologies, which we will then use to create 1 or 2 finished projects.
  • Fused & Sewn Glass, where you learn how to create complex assemblies by combining kiln-formed glass techniques with sewing techniques.
  • Fused Glass Controlled Bubble Plate, where you learn to create a plate shape that will have the mystery of intentionally placed and trapped air bubbles as a unique design element in the finished piece.

In addition, we cover a lot of questions along the way, and discuss kiln-firing schedules and kiln operation and care. All tools, kiln-firing, instruction, and expertise are provided, but glass is sold separately. Cost per project depends on your design and color choices.  

Unlike in previous years where we specified which dates you had to attend which project, when you purchase this package, you will have a FULL CALENDAR YEAR from the date you sign up to complete these 6 projects.  You can take them all right away, or spread them out over the course of a year!  Once you sign up, just contact us directly when you are ready to sign up for any or all of the 6 classes!

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Love it!