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Curved Double-Ended Stainless Steel Display, from Craig Mitchell Smith

Curved Double-Ended Stainless Steel Display, from Craig Mitchell Smith

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Step up your glass artwork presentation with our handcrafted stainless steel display, a prominent feature of numerous workshops conducted by the esteemed Craig Mitchell Smith. Each 14" display, individually crafted by skilled artisans, can accommodate glass installations at both ends, providing a unique stage for your art pieces. As these are handmade, a degree of variation, which adds to the uniqueness of each piece, is to be expected.

If you've attended Craig's workshops or followed his in-depth Poppy tutorial, you will be well-versed in fashioning a suitable base for this display. (If you're new, fear not! Explore Craig's classes here and the Poppy tutorial here.)

To further enhance your presentation, we offer a specially crafted 10"x6"x2" granite base. Weighing over 12 pounds, this substantial, hand-carved granite base not only ensures stability but also infuses your display with an additional layer of elegance.

Please note that the glass artwork depicted in the images is for illustrative purposes only and does not come with the display or the base.


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Customer Reviews

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Joan Ives
Curved double ended stainless steel display from Craig Mitchell Smith

This display stand is awesome! Better than I expected. Quality piece to go with my art.

Cathy McKervey
Beautiful craftsmanship

The display is meticulous and looks perfect for the glass butterflies or orchids that Craig teaches! I'm so pleased

Irene r
Terrific display

The quality is terrific.
I look forward to creating art to go onto it