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Milkweed Arts

10/16 Orna-Make & Elevate: 3D Glass Artistry

10/16 Orna-Make & Elevate: 3D Glass Artistry

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October 16, 10am-1pm

Step into a realm where flat glass transforms into mesmerizing 3D wonders with our "Orna-Make & Elevate: 3D Glass Artistry" workshop! This class is your gateway to crafting a small ornament that not only shimmers in two dimensions but comes alive in three.

Starting with raw, colorful glass pieces, you'll shape and design components that will soon come together as intricate ornaments. Whether you envision a hanging gem catching the sun or a tabletop treasure capturing attention, we provide the tools and guidance to realize your vision. Novice or pro, there's no barrier here; our expert instructors ensure that you're supported every step, bend, and fuse of the way.

Once your individual pieces have been kissed by the kiln's flame and fused to perfection, the enchantment continues! Assemble your creation, intertwining pieces to give life to a 3D masterpiece. The result? An ornament that's not just seen but felt, experienced, and adored from every angle.

Join us for three hours of transformative artistry in "Orna-Make & Elevate". Sculpt, fuse, assemble, and watch as your hands and heart co-create a 3D ornament that's as unique as you are. Here's to elevating your craft and ornament game! 🌟🔮🎨🖼️

All materials included.

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