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Milkweed Arts

10/16 Circular Elegance: Fused Glass Plates & Bowls

10/16 Circular Elegance: Fused Glass Plates & Bowls

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10/16, 2pm to 5pm.

Skill Level: Open to All Levels

Step into the circle of creativity with us. This workshop invites you to explore the art of crafting beautiful and functional wares with a charming circular twist. Learn the finesse of precision cutting and assembly, focusing on techniques specific to creating circular shapes. Discover the magic of slump firing in the kiln, transforming your carefully assembled glass pieces into elegant plates or bowls.

As you shape your creation, you'll experience the satisfaction of producing something both aesthetically pleasing and practical. With a blend of provided materials and optional additions available for purchase, you can tailor your piece to reflect your personal style. At the end of this artistic journey, take home a piece that not only showcases your new skills but also adds a touch of handcrafted charm to any setting.

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