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Product Overview

Novacan Black Patina is the gold standard in patina brands. Easy to apply Novacan Black Patina imparts a deep, rich black finish to both lead and solder. When cleaned and properly polished, the black comes up to a dark, traditional look. The finish can be reduced to an antique black-bronze look with a vigorous polishing. Premixed and ready to use. Sold by 8 ounce bottle.
Use and surface preparation:
  1. Thoroughly clean project to remove flux residue.
  2. Remove any excess oxidation with fine grade (000) steel wool. A properly prepared surface will appear shiny and bright.
  3. Apply patina generously with a clean chemical brush. Continue brushing until desired finish is obtained.
  4. Wipe away excess solution, avoid contacting glass as much as possible.
  5. For best results, polish to a glossy luster with Studio Pro Finishing Compound.