6/28-30 NatureScapes in Glass with Nadine Booth

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NatureScapes in Glass

June 28-30, 9am-4pm daily.
Nadine Booth, Master Instructor.


Fused glass artist, Nadine Booth, will teach her method of creating a beautiful in-depth nature composition in fused glass through color, balance, and space that includes texture and depth and details. Students will learn how to convey ambiance by enticing viewers to step into nature by layering various glass forms. You'll gain valuable insight into glass placement, torch work, frit stencilling, coldworking, and much more.


This class includes manipulating images for translation into glass, drawing and observation exercises. We will be delving into the process of my kiln techniques, placement of glass stringers and rods, frit layers that represent a playful balance of nature and control. This includes everything from a creating a unique piece to mounting your finished piece on stainless steel. The class includes discussion of possible ways students can further develop their future pieces.


What to bring: Notepad, pen, dust mask, glass cutter, safety glasses, breaking pliers, tweezers, tiny or small soup spoon, & soft bristle brush (such as liner #1 and #0 watercolor brush, makeup blush brush).