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Jen-Ken AFG ProFusion 38

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Product Overview

Introducing the Jen-Ken Kiln's  ProFusion 38! 

Interior Dimensions: 26 width" x 36" length x 14" deep.  

Big enough to handle your larger work. The top section is an all rigid fiber with the elements incased in quartz tubes. The tubes hang just below the lid to emit the maximum radiant heat possible. It comes with an intigrated stand with casters. The stand puts the floor of the kiln at about 34" high; the perfect height for ease of loading or simply assemble the piece right at the kiln. No leaning over to put the shelf or glass project in. The lid (top muzzle) is a clamshell design and is spring-assited, so it has an EXTREMELY light feeling for it's size. The floor is made of individual kiln bricks that are NOT cemented together, for easy replacement in the event of an accident. The controller is seperate from the kiln, eliminating heat issues, and can be attached to the side of the kiln on a tilt or wall mountable at eye level. No more bending over to program the kiln!  

Price Includes: Elements Encased in Quartz Tubes, Intergrated Stand with Casters, Manual, and FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous US!


TAP Controller with Solid State Relays

Ceramic Shelves

Fiber Shelf

Kiln Model: AFG ProFusion 38
Interior Demension: 38" x 26" x 14" 
Voltage:  240v  ( will run on 208 volts, but a little slower)   

Amperage:  36a
Max Temperature:  1700F
Volume:  8.0 cubic feet
Square Footage of shelf space:  6 square feet of flat glass space
Ship weight Approximatley 595# 
Actual weight 300 lbs
Dimensions: 47" Wide by 48" front to back and 49.5" tall