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Glassline Paper (GPK52)

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Product Overview

Inclusion Paper Assortment 1

5 in. sheets of Caribbean, Evergreen, Iris, Jade and Sapphire in 3 styles: Plain, Splatter and Crinkle textures

That's 3 textures in 5 colors for a total of 15 sheets!

Glassline Paper Sets

Glassline Paper is a fusible colored paper that is designed to be fired between layers of glass. It may be used with glass of any coefficient (COE). Glassline Paper is easy to cut with scissors, a razor knife or simply torn to achieve a ragged edge. Intricate designs are easy to achieve with this product. Glassline Paper is available in fifteen different colors, and each color comes in three textures: plain, splatter, and crinkle.

Glassline Paper may be combined with the Glassline Pens and Chalks for very unique designs that can not be achieved with just glass.