3/12 Glass Straight Up! with Cathy Claycomb

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Friday, March 12, 2020, 9am-5pm.

Cathy Claycomb, Master Instructor.

Forget about window space.  It’s time to take glass into your living space!  Opulent free form glass joins with graceful metal shapes to create sculptural works of art.

You will work with one of a kind elements as well as flat sheet glass to create contemporary multi-dimensional designs with the capabilities to reflect multi glass color light play.  Tall glass is small spaces!

Special attention will be paid to the engineering aspects of support and color options as well as building a customized platform system.  Non-traditional surface decoration might involve fused elements, pewter attachments, and clever camouflage of soldered seams.

Student must bring: 50/50 solder (available to purchase in class), cotton t-shirt rag, wire cutters, burnisher, x-acto knife or scissors

Glass specific to this project will be available to purchase during class.

Visiting from out of town for this workshop?  We have worked out special rates with a nearby Best Western Inn & Suites, located 7.5 miles away.  It has been renovated with new rooms and beds, and is very clean.  You'll enjoy it!  Here is a link with out discounted rates:

Best Western Inn & Suites