1/17-19 Fused Glass Florals and No Days Powder Wafers with Carrie Strope

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January 17-19, 2021. 10am-4pm daily.

Carie Strope, Guest Instructor.

In this 3-day workshop, Carrie will guide you through fused glass techniques using paints, frits and powders to craft functional fused glass flower plates.  Learn how to draft a symmetrical mandala-like pattern, then use it as a guide in cutting your glass before exploring different techniques for adding shading and textures to sheet glass to give them a more natural look in emulating your favorite flower.

You'll learn tips and tricks for working with frits and powders; including controlling color reactions when making your own custom frit blends, considering visual texture when mixing frit sizes for different effects, & how to unify and focus your design with paints. After cutting a perfect circle, you'll learn how to design upside down and how to adjust your firing schedule to eliminate surprises. We'll create sample tiles, which will help you to boldly approach designing with paints and powders without fearing the results. We'll analyze “failures” and discuss how to fix “mistakes.”

 Bring reference photos of various flowers for color mixing discussion and experimentation.

Students will also learn to create design elements for fused glass using the No Days Powder Wafers and craft punches, die cuts and electronic cutting machines.

All materials included.