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Practical projects to undertake, technical information, and some of the best examples of kiln formed glass from contemporary artists are all provided in this comprehensive guide
Aimed at both novice and experienced glass artists, this guide explaining the techniques involved in this stimulating method of glass making truly captures the excitement of working with glass. Practical instruction is accompanied by striking visual images of kiln-formed glass by established glass artists, and unique snapshots of some of their own making processes are included. The technical aspects of glass that are detailed include its physical characteristics, compatibility, and annealing issues. Material and equipment questions are answered in an exploration of the wide array of glass materials and tools available. Several techniques are given detailed analysis—fusing, slumping, kiln casting, and pâte de verre—as is an in-depth look at the lost wax technique for kiln casting glass. Step-by-step guides to completing projects are presented with practical information and firing guides; and further and more advanced kiln forming methods are showcased to extend creativity and skills.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review