Big Changes for 2020!

Posted by Warren Norgaard, Milkweed Arts on 2nd Jan 2020

Big Changes for 2020!

Welcome to Milkweed Arts in 2020!

Every year, Milkweed Arts takes time to reflect on the year and look at ways we can grow, change, and improve.  2019 was no exception, and as a result of that reflection, we have BIG changes coming to Milkweed Arts!  Here is the first new change:

Say hello to Bullseye Glass!

One of the biggest changes we are making is that we have made the decision to become a Bullseye Preferred Retailer!  What does this mean to you?  Read on to discover!

So what does this mean?

Until now, Milkweed Arts has carried multiple brands of glass. The landscape of the warm glass world is every-changed, though. We have realized that with the unmatched color palette and consistent availability of Bullseye glass, it makes the most sense to begin 2020 as a Bullseye studio, and we are truly excited about this (and you should be, too)!

Beginning January 2, 2020, all fusible glass at Milkweed Arts will be Bullseye Glass.  This will nearly triple the color palette that has been available to us previously!  We will stock 10x10 sheets and 5oz frit jars to begin with, as well as some 1/2 sheets and full sheets, and will continue to increase our selection of colors and sizes throughout the coming year.  With over 200 colors to choose from, this will be a great new adventure for students!

Can I still buy Kokomo glass at Milkweed Arts?

Yes!  This only changes the brand of fusible art glass we will carry and teach with.  Our selection of stained glass is not affected by this improvement.

Can I still buy other brands of fusible glass at Milkweed Arts?

This one is a gentle no. We think once you see the options that Bullseye Glass is providing, you won't be asking "why can't I get this other product here," but rather "why haven't I always used Bullseye?"

Will you still fire my projects if they aren't made with Bullseye Glass?

Yes!  Students are always welcome to bring projects made with any fusible glass in to work with during open studio sessions, but you'll need to be aware we won't have accessory glass available to fill any last minute creative needs that may arise, if you aren't working with a Bullseye Glass palette.

What about my student discount?

Yes!  Students currently enrolled in classes will continue to receive a very special student discount on all fusible sheet glass at Milkweed Arts!

What about ... ?

If you have another question that wasn't answered here, please stop in and ask away!  We are happy to answer any questions you may have!