2/22-23 Beginning Basketry

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Maximum of 7 students...

Are you new to basket making or always wanted to take a workshop? Come cut your teeth on a challenging and rewarding beginning basket. Made baskets in the past? Come brush up on your skills and learn some new techniques and perspectives about basket making. Immerse yourself in a 2 day, all-inclusive basketry workshop! Students will learn the twining technique, the fundamentals of materials selection, basket shaping, and the importance of tension while making an approximate 15" diameter x 3" tall basket.

The split spoke and twined construction of this basket base will boast a colorful spiral pattern. Students will have vibrant colors to choose form for the basket base. Both black and brown round reed will be in this mix as well for those with a more subdue pallet. In this workshop the basket will be made from multiple diameters of round reed which lend additional textural interest. All round reed will be pre-dyed and prepared for this specific project. This provides ease and flow for this workshop.

DAY ONE: Students will make a woven base for the basket. Most likely students will move onto the next step of inserting the side spokes to work up the sides of the basket. Students will focus on the twining technique, the importance of tension on the weaving materials, keeping base spokes evenly spaced and how to create a dome and why it is an important function of a basket base.

DAY TWO: Students will complete adding side spokes and finish up the side weaving. Students will be focusing on the tension of the weaving materials and how to bring shape to the basket. This will then lead students to creating a substantial border which brings the basket to completion.


18 years and up

All levels welcome! All tools needed will be provided for students to use during the 2 day workshop.

Things students should bring:

Each day we will take a one hour lunch break. Students should bring 1-2 old bath towels. Hand cream is suggested and dark or older clothes should be worn. The dye will come off on hands as students are weaving. It will also transfer to light colored clothing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review