5/15-18 Fused Figures with Mark Hufford

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The Human Form in Fused Glass Painting

Mark Hufford, Guest Instructor

May 15-17 9am to 5pm and May 18 from 9am to 12:30pm.

In this three day and a half course the attendees will have a half day of sketching the human form from live models to construct simple forms, defining limbs, and how to use light and dark values to exaggerate overlaps in poses and convey the human form with minimal detail. We will use the sighting method commonly used in life or still life drawing for proportion and scale.

The second phase of the class is taking the sketches and creating abstract life paintings beginning with powdered frit and then applying fired glass enamels and a second project using an alternative application method of drawing on a fused glass enamel base.

Color is the most effective way to convey a mood or feeling in art whether that is tranquility, pain or anguish, or a sense of peace.  We will continue to discuss in length how to use dark and light value of color to suggest shape and to bring volume and dimensional qualities to the human figure.

The last half day will be critiques and review of completed pieces and suggestions on multiple options to continue working on the paintings or applications that require an additional firing.


Bio Information

Mark Hufford is an Artist, Instructor and Graphic Designer whose passion for the arts began at the age of four when he first put pencil to paper. While Mark is an accomplished Artist in many mediums, his early love of graphite not only endured but grew. After years of limitless exploration into the layered subtleties of graphite drawing, along with his experimentation and development of various techniques, he yearned to share what he had mastered with others.  In December 2018 he released his first publication The Art of Fused Glass Enamel Painting – ‘a guide of applications for all skill levels’.

His unique method of teaching is not to simply arm students with technical skills. Mark’s greatest joy is in guiding his students to see the world through brand new eyes as they awaken to the nuances that surround them in the simplicity of everyday life. His focus provides students with an increased level of awareness and a refinement of their observation skills enabling them to create truly realistic work.

Mark is available for private instruction in drawing in graphite, soft pastels and scratchboard for the beginner to intermediate level learner. He has a various online courses available for download and currently travels throughout the United States holding workshops for fused glass painting and graphite drawing.

Originally from Perrysburg, Ohio, Mark Hufford currently resides in Austin, Texas with his husband Patrick and their two fur babies Klaus & Leisel. He obtained his Degree in Graphic Arts from the Art Institute in 2012.


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