4/17-19 Powder Glass + Enamels with Sarinda Jones

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Powder Glass + Enamels

Sarinda Jones, Guest Instructor

April 17-19, 10a-5p daily.

This three-day workshop will inspire you to create in layers! Layers of glass powders and layers of line-drawn enamels will be combined into stunning pieces with great dimension and depth! Students will learn how to apply enamels, powders, frit, and more to glass layers. Then students will learn the secrets of stacking those layers to create solid, but relatively thin work, with a depth of interest. These techniques can translate to an art piece as well as functional work. Combining these two techniques will lend to multiple options to be used in various ways in your work, the options are endless. 

The emphasis of this workshop is on the multiple processes involved in creating dimension in glass panels. Although this is not a painting technique workshop, we will cover mark-making techniques and their uses to create interest. Topics include design orientation, image selection, layouts, and discussion of enamels and how they respond to fusing temperatures, painting mediums, how to mix and apply drawn enamels and powdered glass, firing schedules, bubble control, proper kiln loading, and potential finishing techniques. 

Students can expect to complete several samples and experiments as a guide in answering questions prior to working on the main project. Please bring any inspiring or sketched images for compositions for your main project, plus a respirator or dust mask.

​Want to create glass panels with great dimension and depth? This workshop is for you.

All levels are welcome, and all materials are included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review