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Product Overview

Get Glowing! Works with ALL COE's!

This glow powder is 100% pigment and has not been diluted, meaning your pieces will have the brightest glow possible! Pigments add subtle color to your art in the light, and luminous detail in the dark.

Compatible with all COEs, this accent is perfect for adding detail to dichroic glass, unique beads, castings, lampworking and more. When mixing your glow pigment with glass powder use a ratio of 1 part glow pigment to 4 parts glass powder, roughly 20% glow pigment and 80% glass powder. Glow powder should all be capped to give a smooth texture to your art and prevent pigment from wearing away.

A single minute of light exposure will provide subtle luminescence for a short time. For longer glow times and brighter illumination expose to sunlight. Exact glow times may vary depending on multiple factors, including light exposure time, quality of light used for exposure (full-spectrum daylight is best), and ratio of pigment used in your project. Glow powder is safe to use: non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-radioactive and non-hazardous. 1 ounce. Aqua glow pigment appears pale yellow but creates vibrant green glow.