12/19 Fine Silver Paper

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Fine Silver Paper with Katie Baum

December 19, 10am-6pm

“Silver Paper” seems such a contradiction, with light delicate paper but dense and hard metal. But, it’s real! This workshop focuses completely on the incorporation of Fine Silver Paper into our designs, and each of our four projects is complete different from each other.

We’ll begin our day with simple origami shapework, creating a beautiful folded leaf (or fan, if you prefer) embellished with a colorful gemstone.  Our next design includes simple punchwork to build a lovely zinnia-style flower, relying on shaping and layering to bring our bloom to form.

Next, we’ll find out if it’s time to visit the eye doctor, working with thin strips of silver paper to quill ourselves a graceful wearable daisy. Finally, we’ll arrange our own bouquet of roses, folded individually using yet another paper technique.

If you wear glasses or need magnification, don’t forget to bring them with you!!! These projects are the beautiful culmination of steps that absolutely rely on accuracy, and your clear eyesight is crucial to not only creating the pieces but also being able to really enjoy the process.

Each project will need to be fired multiple times, and so multiple projects will be working at once, rotating between forming and firing. Once fully fired, these delicate pieces are best finished by tumbling.  Artists are able to take pieces home if they have their own tumbler, or they are welcome to arrange tumbling with the studio and can either bring back or pick up their work at their later convenience.

All Materials Included

Katie Baum began focusing on metal clay full-time in 2007. With degrees in Biology, Psychology, and Education, she tries to balance creative expression with logical instructions, enabling students of all backgrounds to comfortably experiment with and learn about metal clay techniques. Promoted in 2014 to become Vice President of Art Clay World USA, Katie is also the company Buyer, part of the Marketing Department, and the Curriculum Coordinator. From 2007 – 2013, she was the Director of the international Art Clay Society. Her first book, Fine Silver Keepsakes, was co-authored with Art Clay Instructor Judi Hendricks and was published in July 2009 (Kalmbach). In November 2010, Katie was accepted as one of the Art Clay Master Instructors, of which there are only 7 in North America. Katie has been teaching across the U.S and internationally at venues including bead shops, home studios, galleries, conferences, trade shows (such as the Bead & Button Show and the Glass Craft Expo) and accredited schools/institutions. In the Chicago area, she has teaching relationships with Lillstreet Art Center, McCord Gallery and Cultural Center, and the Greater Chicago Artisan Center, of which she became the Director in November 2013. While metal clay is her most frequent medium of choice, Katie loves to work with many materials, including polymer clay, mixed metals, gold applications, chainmaille, resin, glass, wire, and various mixed media.

Visiting from out of town for this workshop? 

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